The closest beaches to L’Évasion campsite are in Brétignolles-sur-Mer, just 5 km away.


In Brétignolles-sur-Mer, a seaside resort with more than 13 kilometres of coastline, you’ll find several beaches from the most wild to the most family-friendly. Most of its beaches are supervised in season, and surfing and fishing are possible on some of them. In short, something for the whole family.

Bretignolles beach

To help you choose, here is some information about the beaches at Bretignolles-sur-Mer:

  • LA SAUZAIE BEACH (9 km from the campsite), supervised in July and August, this wild beach is a well-known surfing spot where several competitions are organised throughout the year. It is also possible to swim with the family. Free parking is available for easy access.
    Close to La Sauzaie beach are two small seldom-visited creeks. Dogs are allowed on a leash, but are not allowed to swim. This wild place is accessible only at low tide and also has a fishing area.
  • LA PAREE BEACH (7 km from the campsite). This relatively extensive beach offers a special fishing area at low tide thanks to the presence of numerous rocks. At high tide, however, the beach is very small. Close to the town centre, it is also supervised in season. It is relatively easy to get to thanks to free parking all year round.
    Advice from reception: check the tide tables to be sure to go at low tide. They are available at reception.
  • MARAIS GIRARD BEACH (8 km). A very family-friendly beach despite the absence of a first aid post. The beach is still supervised in July and August. Close to the town centre, there is free parking, and some shops and restaurants.
  • NORMANDELIERE BEACH. A family beach with a large swimming area near the town centre. Towards the left, this beach becomes a little wilder with its dunes. This beach has a first aid post and free parking. A very reassuring environment for families, supervised in July and August. You can also practice water sports. There are restaurants nearby.
    Advice from reception: a good opportunity for a pleasant walk, ideal for a family day out. A rare plus: WiFi connection on the beach.
  • PLAGE DES DUNES (7 km), this beach is without doubt the loveliest at Bretignolles-sur-Mer. Very wild, bordered by dunes, it is very big so there’ll always be room for you. It is also ideal for surfing thanks to a reserved area. There is a first aid post and the beach is supervised throughout the season. Finally, a free car park guarantees easy access.
    Advice from reception : without doubt the loveliest beach at Bretignolles-sur-Mer, but also an excellent surfing spot.

Les Sables d’Olonne

A few kilometres from the campsite, discover Les Sables d’Olonne, a famous seaside resort in the area. The start of the Vendée Globe, the town offers a varied choice of beaches along its coastline. The large beach and its embankment in the town centre, and the beach of Sauveterre located in the heart of the national forest of Olonne-sur-Mer … enough to keep the whole family happy!

  • LA PARACOU BEACH (20 km), this beach is very popular with locals and is supervised in season, but is relatively wild. Bordered by dunes, at low tide numerous rocks are revealed that are ideal for fishing on foot. When the tide is very low, you can also find small pools where children can play. In general, the sea is a bit rougher than on the Grand Plage. The advantage: a large, free and easily accessible car park. Take advantage of the day at La Paracou to go for a walk in the dunes or a little further on, in the national forest or in the Chaume district!
    Tip from reception: At low tide, small pools of water are formed, which are ideal for the little ones. The numerous rocks also allow you to discover fishing by dip net or by hand.
  • SAUVETERRE BEACH (15 km), in the heart of the Olonne-sur-Mer national forest, a wild beach bordered by dunes. The main swimming area is quite busy. A first aid post ensures the safety of bathers. Sauveterre beach is also known to be a very good surfing spot. Parking is easy and there is a free car park.
    Tip from reception: Take the opportunity to walk in the forest! Surf lovers, this beach is for you! A surf school offers courses for all ages. Finally, the beach is very busy in the early afternoon, so bring a picnic and only go at the end of the day.
  • TANCHET BEACH (19 km), this beach is supervised during the season and is a must for surfing enthusiasts. The beach is not very big, but the many small snack kiosks and bars make this beach very nice for a family day out. The beach is also relatively close to the town centre of Les Sables d’Olonne and its many restaurants and shops.
    Tip from reception: Why not take advantage of your trip to the beach at Tanchet to visit the Zoo des Sables? A visit of one and a half to two hours that will delight the whole family: more information on our Activities page.
  • BASSE DE DOMBRET (22 km), this beach is completely separate from the other beaches in Sables d’Olonne. It is in fact an artificial seawater pool so the water is warmer due to less movement, giving the impression of swimming in a pool. It is supervised in July and August, but only in the afternoon. On the other hand, security is very good. There is a small car park nearby.
    Tip from reception: The beach is very small, so take the opportunity to go for a walk in the Chaume district and along the wild coast and stop there.
  • PLAGE DES GRANGES (10 km), this is the closest beach to Brétignolles-sur -Mer, located at the border between the seaside resort and Les Sables d’Olonne (between Sauveterre beach and the Plage des Dunes). This wild beach, which is supervised in season, is a well-known surfing spot. Free parking is available for easy access.
    Advice from reception: Be careful, the south of this beach is not supervised and swimming can be dangerous. Make sure you stay in the supervised area.
Beach Saint Hilaire de Riez

Saint Hilaire de Riez

  • DEMOISELLES BEACH, the ideal place to learn water sports. Plan a day trip. The watersports centre offers many activities: surfing, kayaking, pedal boats, paddleboarding and also sand yachting. The beach is also close to the town centre so you can explore the town while enjoying a beach day.

Talmont Saint Hilaire

PLAGE DU VEILLON (30 km), a lesser-known but very pleasant beach. There is a surf school, a lifeguard station and a few beach restaurants. Well known for its high tides, the Veillon beach offers ideal conditions for fishing.